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Window - the frame and wing-filled glass. The most common use of windows tilt and swivel, less permanent, rotating, sliding or tilt. What criteria should be taken into account when selecting the right type of windows?

Aesthetics - the windows are visible from both sides, inside and on the facades of the building. The choice of color, the type of profiles can be of considerable importance aesthetic.

Construction possibilities - the profile of the window has its own mechanical constraints. The same is with fittings and hinges. Not every window size can be done as a tilting or hung. When it is designed, you should pay attention to performance and comfort.

Ventilation - the moisture created during the use of rooms should be able to get out. Thus, depending on the exasting conditions of temperature and humidity, we choose the right kind of windows and their equipment.

Location and Purpose - windows in houses will certainly be different from the windows used for example in a television studio in the city center or in a modernskyscraper. Acoustics, light, aggressive environments, wind pressure  fire restrictions - are just some of the conditionsdeciding about the choise of windows.



The fact of what doors we use has a significant impact not only on way to enter and exit but also on safety of rooms. We can choose different solutions with regard to our individual preferences, and based on their purpose.

Among many solutions we have some which are the most popular: standard doors with hinged, sliding, sliding automatically raised sliding, tilting, sliding, folding and all-glass doors.

The same as in case of windows, to choose the right type of doors depends on many factors - for example: traffic intensity, safety requirements (anti-theft), fire protection, thermal requirements, aesthetics.


Aluminum and glass facades are today an integral part of modern architecture. Although the glass is known since ancient times, only from few years, we have learnt to give it the right shape and physico-chemical properties which allow to fulfill the stringent requirements of architectural and construction. The same as in previous parts, market demands resulted in a large growth of this segment and gave a very interesting tool for architects and investors.

Among the main types we can indicate:
Mullion and transom traditionnal façade with visible aluminum profiles;
Mullion and transom semistructural façade  - considerably limiting the amount of aluminum profiles outside;
Mullion and transom structural façade - without visible  fasteners from the outside - giving the effect of a single tile of glass;
Glass facade with glass fixed by spots - removal of glass on stainless points of construction elements gives to the entire structure of lightness and looks very impressive.

Structural facades - once it was necessary to use aluminum profiles to fix the glass from the outside. Structural systems give the possibility to make it without visible aluminum elements on the outside, which gives the effect of a flat sheet, and significantly increases the aesthetics of the building.


Winter garden is a place where you can prepare a room that gives you a perfect rest, and the same is able to enlarge the living space of the house. Winter gardens can have different functions, as orangery, the place  to have different  thermophilic species of plants, or a living room filled with light and a view of the garden.

Aluminium construction offered by ALU-PERFECT is stable and durable, and our consultants try with all their strenght to make it correspondant well with the architecture of the whole building, creating a harmonious form. Our priority is the careful design and to make a winter garden construction the way , so that it serves Our Customers for a long time.

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