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ALU-PERFECT company is  an experienced manufacturer of aluminum windows' and doors' construction, facades and winter gardens. In our offer you will also find a wide assortment of entrance panel doors, door lift-sliding and advanced solutions for automatic doors.

Our realizations, projects show the high quality of our company. We make aluminium structures from the highest quality materials of ALUPROF. Wide range of shapes and rich colors palette of joinery allows us to realize even the most unusual orders. We provide to our investors unique arrangement, the excellent realization and maximum energy savings.

In our production activitity we offer door panels and lift-slide doors. We provide advanced technological solutions in the field of automatic doors.

As a modern company, we offer you the wide range of services and very attractive offer. We guarantee honesty and loyalty to the entire sales network. More, we offer :

·         attractive products prices adjusted to each client;

·         very favorable dealers’ discounts;

·         high quality of our products;

·         fast delivery of orders.

The dynamic development of the company is provided by  not only its modern machinery  park but also by our team of experienced people - engineers, technicians and managers.

Our aim is to produce high quality products at our customers' expectations.

ALU-PERFECT is at your disposal!

We create from aluminium

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